An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Point of View: Omniscent and Second Person.

Protagonist: Peyton Farquhar.

What type of character is the Protagonist? A round character.

Antagonist: The military.

Describe the setting: It takes place on Owl Creek Bridge, a bridge over a rushing stream.

Type of Conflict: Man Vs Man, and Man. Vs. Enviroment.

Describe the main conflict: A man is fighting for his life against a stream, and the military that is trying to kill him.

Describe the Climax of the Story: The climax is when Peyton starts ''swimming''.

How does the Protagonist change over the course of the story? He goes from living, to hallucinating, to dead.

Describe the relationship between the title and the theme. The theme is the thoughts before death, and it ties in with title, because the title tells of the place he was at while these thoughts were occurring.

How does the main conflict help to illustrate the theme? The main conflict helps to illustrate the ''thoughts before death'' theme, because the main conflict is Man Vs. Man, and he is thinking these thoughts while the men are attempting to kill him.

How does the climax help to illustrate the theme? The climax helps to illustrate the theme, because it give us an idea of how powerful his will to live is.

Give examples of each of the following literary terms in the story (use quotes):

Striking through the thought of his dear ones was a sound which he could neither ignore nor understand, a sharp, distinct, metallic percussion like the stroke of a blacksmith's hammer upon the anvil, it had the same ringing quality.

Metaphor: Death is a dignitary who when he comes announced is to be received with formal manifestations of respect, even by those most familiar with him.

Personification: How slowly it appeared to move, what a sluggish stream!

Symbol: His face had not been covered, nor his eyes bandaged.

Foreshadowing (give both elements):
The commandant has issued an order, which is posted everywhere, declaring that any civilian caught interfering with the railroad, its bridges, tunnels, or trains will be summarily hanged.

He springs forward with extended arms. As he is about to clasp her he feels a stunning blow upon the back of the neck; a blinding white light blazes all about him with a sound like the shock of the cannon - then all is darkness and silence!

Imagery: His neck was in pain, and lifting his hand to it found it to be heavily swollen. He knew that it had a circle of black where the rope had bruised it.

Describe the relationships between the class theme and the story.
This another aspect of humanity: death. It is an everyday occurrence, and plays a huge part in both humanity and literature.