I was personally BEYOND disgusted at what I saw. I can't believe that that sort of behavior was tolerated at one point. A personal question of mine has always been ''Why was it such a big deal that they had dark skin?'' I've seen tons of stuff on this subject, and yet I still don't understand exactly WHY that was such a problem. To me, it has never been an issue. I have had many friends of different races, and when I describe them to other people, I talk about their personality, and common interests of mine. I don't open with ''She's Chinese'', or ''She's Black.''
The fact that someone would sell and Manufacture Jim Crowe stuff is disgusting beyond belief to me. Some of it was mild, but it was the pictures of the children that really affected me. The fact that someone would portray kids that way is sick. Those photos were bordering on pornography. Even worse, if those were pictures of white kids, someone would have a heart attack. But back then, since they were black, it was OK.
The merchandise was only the beginning. The lynching, and the mobs were beyond belief. It was disturbing to see how happy some of the audiences at the lynchings looked, like they were at a play or something. The worst part about the mobs was that they were practically done for entertainment, and if not that something trivial. I've heard stories about Black people that were tortured for practically looking sideways at a white person.
We are all a world of humans. Therefore, all drinking fountains, restaurants, stores, and anything else should be open to all people under the general definition of human - white, Black, tall, short, and everything in between.