A cloudy morning arrives, and comes from the following night,
Light comes steaming through the clouds;
A sunrise breaks through the darkness
A long hot day will follow.
The sun will come out of the clouds
And dry the moisture from last night,
I must fill up this basket,
With poisonous weeds, and flowers
Mother Nature is life and death at once,
And she supplies life when death occurs;
Many kinds of plants come from her
We get nourishment and knowledge from her.
We have magnificent healing power
Not all of us, do which is why we are different.
There is an amazing and delicate beauty about plants
And stones herbs, and the many features of them.
Nothing living is so awful that it cannot live
It must do the Earth some good,
Nothing that is good will be misused either
We always carry on what we learned when we were younger
Good can be turned into evil, when misused,
And evil can be justified, when used for a good cause.