1. Juliet is very impatient to hear news from Romeo (lines 1-17). What images does she use in her soliloquy to express this? She uses images of old sedimentary, withered people.
  2. The nurse knows Juliet is impatient, but she keeps putting her off. Why does the nurse do this? She does this because she is out of breath.
  3. Why does the Nurse agree to help Juliet marry Romeo? Because the nurse want to see her happy.

Create a podcast for Act 2 using Garage Band based on one of the following options:

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1. Paraphrase then Podcast the "Balcony Scene" between Romeo and Juliet

2. Friar Laurence is introduced in a lengthy soliloquy in which he philosophies about nature and about mankind. Paraphrase and Podcast his speech

3. This scene shows us more of the nurse’s character as she trades quips and puns with Mercutio. Paraphrase and Podcast.


1. Why do you think Tybalt approaches Mercutio and Benvolio and wants a “word” with one of them (line 36)? I think it has something to do with the Capulet household party, when Romeo was allowed to stay.

2. Mercutio tries to provoke Tybalt to fight (lines 37-38). Why doesn’t Tybalt want to fight him (line 53)? He doesn't find Romeo to be a villain.

3. After Tybalt insults Romeo, Romeo responds with lines 59-62. Explain his lines. What is the “reason” Romeo has for ignoring the insult? He feels Tybalt doesn't know him, and wants to avoid the fight.

4. Highlight lines 65-69. Explain the meaning of the lines and the dramatic irony of the situation. Romeo talks about how dear the Capulet name is (somewhat sarcastically, probably) but they are fighting over a family feud.

5. Why does Romeo’s answer to Tybalt’s insults upset Mercutio? What does he think Romeo is doing (line 70)? He thinks Romeo is being dishonorable to the Montague name.

6. Romeo tries to stop Mercutio and Tybalt from fighting by reasoning with them (lines 82-85). Paraphrase what he says. Romeo tells them is a disgrace, plus it is illegal.

7. Even when he is dying, Mercutio continues to joke and to make puns. Explain the pun he makes in lines 92-99. ''Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man.'' It is a pun for him being dead and buried.

8. Highlight lines 102-103. Mercutio repeats the following line (106) three times and then adds the next line. Explain what he means:
“A plague O’ both your houses!
They have made worm’s meat of me.”
He is saying the both houses have caused his death, and bad riddance to both of them.

9. What does Romeo mean when he says lines 119-120? He means that he is furious and him and Tybalt and no longer on good terms.

10. After Mercutio dies, why does Romeo decide to kill Tybalt instead of accepting Mercutio’s death as an unfortunate accident? He decides to kill Tybalt for revenge.

11. Highlight line 132. What does Romeo mean? He means his fate was doomed from the start.

12. Highlight lines 176-177. What reasoning does Lady Capulet use in begging the Prince for vengeance for Tybalt’s death? She feels that Romeo is not truthful and that Romeo must die, because Tybalt did.

13. Highlight lines 180-183. What is Lord Montagues’ reasoning in his attempt to persuade the Prince not to kill Romeo for killing Tybalt? Lord Montague feels its self defense.

14.What is the Prince’s decree, and what are the reasons he gives for making it (lines 182-185)? He does not want to slay Romeo. He feels that Rome killed Tybalt for killing Mercutio, and another death will not change anything.


1. In lines 37-68 the nurse confuses Juliet as she tells Juliet of the fight. What misconception does Juliet make? Juliet thinks that Romeo has died.

2. Highlight line 73. When Juliet receives news of Tybalt’s death, what is her first reaction? She is upset ,and surprised that Romeo killed him

3. Highlight Juliet’s lines 90-92. When the nurse agrees with Juliet, Juliet has a different reaction to Romeo’s killing of Tybalt. Explain. She gets very angry the nurse has spoke poorly of Romeo.

4. How does the scene end? It ends with the nurse leaving to get Romeo to come and see Juliet.


1. Highlight line 12. What is Romeo’s reaction when he learns that he has been banished? He feels it is a fate worse than death.

2. From the beginning of the play, Romeo acts impulsively. In what way is he still impulsive in this scene (lines 102-108)? He tries to kill himself because he thinks he can never see Juliet again.

3. Friar Laurence tells Romeo to count his blessings. What are they (line 135-140)? His blessings are that both him and Juliet are still alive.

4. Explain Friar Laurence’s plan (lines 146-154). He tells Romeo to pull himself together, go see Juliet, but do not get caught.


Questions begin with Lady Capulet’s entrance, line 68.

1. Lady Capulet misunderstands Juliet’s sadness, and Juliet does not want her to know what has happened between Romeo and Juliet. What does Juliet say about Tybalt and Romeo to keep the truth from her mother (lines 67-102)? She says that she is grieving Tybalt and she doesn't care about Romeo; she wishes him dead.

2. What is Juliet’s response when she is told the news that she is to marry Paris (lines 116-123)? How has she changed since Act 1? She becomes angry, and tells her mother she doesn't want to marry Paris. She is not as passive as she was in Act One.

3. What is her mother’s reaction to Juliet’s response (line 124 and lines 139-140)? At first, Lady Capulet tells Juliet to tell her father. She also feels regret at making Juliet and Paris get married.

4. Highlight lines 190-194. What is Lord Capulet’s response to Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris? He tells her that if she does not marry Paris, he will make her leave home and will not give her anything ever again.

5. What does the Nurse advise Juliet to do (lines 212-225)? What is her reasoning? She tells Juliet to just go with her father's wishes, and that her and Paris would be good for each other.

6. After the Nurse leaves and Juliet is alone, what does Juliet decide to do (lines 240-243)? She decides to go see Friar Laurence.


1. Why is Friar Lawrence reluctant to marry Paris to Juliet? Because Romeo and Juliet are already married.
2. How does Paris explain the sudden haste of the marriage plans? He wants Juliet to be happy and stop crying over Tybalt, so they will have a happy event.
3. What is ironic about the conversation between Juliet and Paris? Paris is excited and Juliet is indifferent.
4. If Friar Lawrence cannot help her, what does Juliet threaten to do? Juliet threatens to kill herself if he cannot help.
5. Why does Friar Lawrence think that Juliet will accept his plan? Because he knows how badly she wants to be with Romeo.
6. Describe the friar’s plan for Juliet. He will give a natural potion that will make her appear dead for 48 hours. When the time is up she will climb out of her tomb and live with Romeo.

scene ii:

1. What does Juliet say that makes her father happy? She says that she is sorry for being disrespect for and she will happily marry Paris.
2. How does Capulet change the wedding plans? What implications does this have?

scene iii:

1. How does Juliet show her maturity and independence in this scene? She takes a huge risk to leave her old life behind to be with Romeo, and vows to be brave for him.
2. If the potion does not work, what will Juliet do? She will stab herself with a dagger,
3. What are some of the fears Juliet has about the potion? She fears that Friar Laurence does not like her, and it is actually potion.

scene iv:

1. What is happening in this brief scene? The Capulet household is making plans for the wedding.

scene v:

1. Describe the imagery Shakespeare uses in describing Juliet’s “death.” He uses imagery of flowers and frost - sort of spring to winter imagery.
2. What does friar Lawrence say to comfort the Capulet family? He tells them that she died young and happy, instead of old and bitter.
3. What event are the Capulets preparing for now? Juliet's funeral.


1. What premonition does Romeo have at the beginning of this scene (lines 1-11)? He is thinking of Juliet breathing life into him.

2. What news does Balthasar bring? How does this disrupt the Friar’s plan? He tells Romeo Juliet is dead. This interferes with the part of the plan where Romeo finds Juliet in her tomb and takes her away.

3. Highlight line 24. Paraphrase. Why is this a brazen thing to say? ''Is it even so? Then I defy you stars.'' It is brazen because he is practically defying fate.

4. What does Romeo decide to do after he hears Balthasar’s story (lines 34-57)? He decides to go lay in her tomb with her.


1. What story does Friar John tell Friar Laurence as explanation as to why he could not deliver the letter to Romeo? He tells him that the plague interfered with the sending of the letter.


1. Highlight lines 91-96. What does Romeo notice about Juliet? Explain the dramatic irony. He notices that she still looks beautiful and healthy. It is ironic because she is not dead, and he has no idea.

2. Highlight line 167. What does Juliet realize about the situation? Juliet realizes Romeo is dead.

3. Highlight lines 169-170. Explain the lines. She says that she will kiss him, and die off the poison residue on his skin.