This poem does not have any sentimental meaning to me, but I love the spirit, passion, and subject of this poem. It reminds me of all the teachers I have had throughout the years who have been passionate about their teachings. Another thing I loved about this poem was how humorous it was.
The subject revolves around irony - the teachers not being able to hold research periods in the library so the school board can meet to discuss facilities utilization.
''I will not reschedule any of my classes library periods for any administrative meetings, especially one the pro ports to be discussing the effective use of the school's facilities!''
To me, the idea of teacher canceling classes - preventing kids from learning is an oxymoron, in a sense (teachers preventing kids to learn).

I also think that the library symbolizes reading, education and everything else that the teacher holds dear. He is obviously a very passionate teacher, and feels strongly about the books. Him being a blackbelt may have been a metaphor for him being a strong fighter, since he is willing to fight for his rights to teach at all costs.
''Sincerely, Dr.Joseph D'Angelo, 5th grade English teacher PHD, Sensei, Blackbelt''.